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There are no formal requirements for registration of a child as a British subject as all registrations are considered either by entitlement or at the discretion of the Secretary of State. The following factors, however, may be considered in deciding upon a successful application:


- the child’s connection with the United Kingdom;
- the child’s place of birth;
- where the child’s future is likely to lie;
- the parents’ views;
- the parents’ nationality;
- whether the child is of good character (for children over the age of 10);
- the length of time the child has lived in the UK;
- the length of time the child’s parents have lived in the UK; and
- any compelling circumstances which may require British citizenship.


Where a child has been born in the UK to parents who have subsequently been granted indefinite leave to remain then that child can register as a British citizen ‘by entitlement’. This means that you would still need to satisfy some of the requirements shown above, however, there is no restriction on when the child applies for citizenship.


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There is no set requirement for a child to hold indefinite leave to remain in their own right prior to applying to register for British citizenship.


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Applications may be made by way of either application Form MN1 or Form T.


The forms must be submitted with the relevant fee and supporting documentary evidence.


Generally speaking the Home Office requires that the child and its parents current passport be submitted in support of the application. However, as solicitors we can certify copies of all passports which may be submitted in place of the original documents.

The application must be supported by two referees, each of whom must know the child. One of the referees must be a professional and must have interacted with the child in a professional capacity.


The referees must also be:


- a British citizen (for preference);

- aged 25 or over; – not related to the child;

- not related to the other referee;

- not your solicitor or agent.


Referees are not deemed acceptable if they have been convicted of an imprisonable offence during the last 10 years.

The Nationality Directorate is currently taking approximately 2-3 months to process applications, however this timescale can vary greatly depending upon staffing levels and the number of applications received. Current indications are that it is taking the Home Office 2-4 weeks to begin processing of applications.

The Home Office charge processing fees for registration applications which vary depending upon the nature of the application and number of applicants.


The typical application fee is £936.

Comprehensive legal advice.


Ensuring your child’s application meets the legal requirements.


Completion and submission of all forms.


Ongoing liaison with the authorities where required.

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