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Visa For Individuals

Spouse, Partner & Family Member Visas

If you're in a relationship with someone settled in the UK, or if the roles are reversed, you'll likely need to apply for a partner visa.

Partner visas attract significant Home Office and Immigration Health Surcharge fees. Small mistakes can have terrible consequences leading to financial loss and extended periods of forced separation. We have helped thousands of clients to successfully obtain their UK partner visas. We can ensure that our experience benefits you by taking away the worry of whether or not your application is in order. 

In these pages we explain the different types of UK partner visa when you're in a relationship. We'll discuss what the law requires in terms of proving your relationship and also the very complicated rules around showing that you can support yourselves and your dependants. If you'd like help from a specialist partner solicitor, please get in touch.


European Nationals Visa

If you're an EEA national or in a family relationship with an EEA national, you'll find here details of the EU Settlement Scheme. The pre-Brexit categories are retained as there are some limited circumstances in which they may continue to be relevant.

Other Individual Visas

In the pages below we discuss the main remaining individual visas.

If you've lived in the UK for 10 years with continuous lawful presence, you may be eligible for indefinite leave to remain on the basis of long residence.

If your stay in the UK is precarious or unlawful, you may be able to stay on human rights or discretionary grounds.

If you're a Commonwealth citizen who has a grandparent that was born in the UK, you could be entitled to a UK Ancestry visa.

We also discuss visas for visiting and studying in the UK. Please follow the links below.

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