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Salary changes in the Skilled Worker Visa category

There are some important changes coming to the Skilled Worker visa category which will take effect on 12 April 2023.

The first change of note is to the minimum salary threshold for qualification under the Skilled Worker route. To be eligible for a Skilled Worker visa, the job must meet a minimum skill level and meet prescribed minimum salary thresholds.

The minimum salary required under this route will increase from the current threshold of £25,600 to £26,200 or £20,960 for new entrants. This increase has a corresponding impact on the percentile rates available for tradeable salary points.

The minimum hourly rate will rise to £10.75 per hour.

Salary thresholds under the Global Business Mobility route for senior and specialist workers twill increase to £45,800 and £24,220 respectively, whilst the scale-up scheme salary threshold will rise to £34,600.

The basis on which salaries are calculated will also change with salaries being based on 37.5 hours per week rather than the current 39 hours.

Hidden deep within the Budget was the announcement that jobs in the construction industry should be added to the Shortage Occupation List. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommended that 5 occupations be added to the list which the government approved. The new shortage occupations are:

5312 - Bricklayers and masons

5313 - Roofers, roof tilers and slaters

5315 - Carpenters and joiners

5319 - Construction and building trades not elsewhere covered

5321 - Plasterers (Dryliners but not Ceiling fixers)

The MAC was also asked to consider occupations in the hospitality sector. In its interim report, it declined to recommend any hospitality posts for inclusion on the shortage occupation list. It did ask for more evidence from the hospitality sector that the Sommelier job type should be regraded to a higher skill threshold which will bring the occupation within the Skilled Worker route.

To be eligible for the Shortage Occupation List, a job must satisfy the eligibility requirements of the Skilled Worker visa route - the job must meet minimum skills and salary thresholds.

The benefit of being included on the Shortage Occupation List is that the jobs have a lower salary threshold and lower application fees.

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