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Implementation of new immigration rules!

On 30 January 2024, James Cleverly the Home Secretary ‘reaffirmed’ the government’s commitment to reduce the immigration figures based on well publicised announcements made last year, commencing in March, as follows:

  • prevent care workers from brining in their dependants and requiring sponsors to be registered with the Care Quality Commission to sponsor main applicants from 11 March
  • removal of the 20% discount rate for jobs on the shortage occupation list from 14 March
  • confirming the minimum salary for sponsoring workers will increase to £28,700 on 4 April
  • increasing the income salary threshold for sponsoring partners to £29,000 from 11 April.

The announcement included information stating how the government is tackling migration including its efforts to reduce people crossing the channel – make what you will of that!

The implementation of these new immigration rules would have resulted in 300,000 less people coming based on the previous year’s figures – one cannot help to wonder as whether this is a lesson in positioning!

A mention of the government’s action to increase the Immigration Health Surcharge to £1035 from 6 April was also thrown in!

The main takeaway is that it puts dates in place as highlighted, and for those looking to sponsor individuals through the existing immigration rules are advised to ensure applications are submitted before those dates

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