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Graduate Trainee Visa

The Global Business Mobility – Graduate Trainee route was introduced on 11 April 2022 as part of an overhaul of temporary migration routes for secondment workers to the UK and to assist UK businesses through simplifying processes.

The Global Business Mobility – Graduate route replaces the Intra-Company Transfer Graduate Trainee route and is for graduate trainees working in a connected overseas office, undertaking a graduate training programme in an approved job category which will lead to a management or specialist role, for example lawyers, accountants etc. to have a placement in the UK.

It is aimed at medium to large businesses but does not exclude smaller businesses so long at they can satisfy the requirements. The UK business will need to have a Sponsorship Licence with the Graduate route in order to act as a sponsor and issue a Certificate of Sponsorship.

An applicant can apply to stay in the UK for up to 12 months but cannot extend the visa from within the UK. However, an applicant can reapply from overseas for up to 5 years within a 6-year period. The Global Business Mobility – Graduate visa allows an applicant to bring their wife, husband, civil partner or unmarried partner and children under 18 years of age to the UK.

Importantly, it allows the organisation to provide essential ongoing training and the individual exposure to the UK business working environment. However, The Global Business Mobility – Graduate visa does not lead to settlement status on its own.


An applicant must:

  • be over the age of 18
  • work for an approved sponsor
  • have a Certificate of Sponsorship issued by the UK organisation
  • work outside the UK for the connected office for at least 3 months
  • undertake an approved job role
  • have a minimum salary of £24,220
  • applicants from overseas may need to provide a Tuberculosis test certificate
  • meet the suitability requirements – not have previously breached UK immigration laws.

An applicant who has received a scholarship from a Government or International Scholarship agency in the previous 12 months, which covered payment of fees and living costs, will require approval from the appropriate body.

The Global Business Mobility – Graduate visa is points-based, and an applicant needs to score 70 points from the following categories to be successful:

  • 20 points – Sponsorship through a UK based employer
  • 20 points – the position must be at a relevant specified skill level
  • 20 points – the job must meet minimum salary requirements.

The job needs to genuine and so for example needs to exist, must not be a sham or created specifically for the individual to circumvent UK immigration control.

An applicant needs to:

  • complete an online application form and pay the relevant fees
  • upload supporting documentation
  • provide biometrics which may be in person or through an app.

The processing only commences once the applicant has provided biometrics.

The application fees:

  • £298 – visa application fee
  • £1025 per year – Immigration Health Surcharge fee

  • the applicant is only allowed to do undertake the work specified
  • is allowed to undertake voluntary work
  • study subject to conditions.

  • pay the Immigration Health Surcharge fee
  • meet the suitability requirements
  • unmarried partners must provide evidence of their relationship
  • applicants and their partners must be in a ‘genuine’ relationship and intend to live together
  • children under 18 can accompany their parents to the UK, but those aged 16 or over must not be leading an independent life

Dependants must also meet a financial requirement as follows:

  • £285 for the partner
  • £315 for the first child
  • £200 for each additional child.

      The funds must be in addition to those of the main applicant.

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