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Business Visitor Visa

If you are employed overseas you may be able to avoid having to submit a complex Skilled Worker visa application in order to enter the UK to perform basic tasks on behalf of your employer. The alternative is to come through the general visit visa, but under sub class business, and hence is referred to as a 'business visit' visa.

The business visit visa allows you to travel to the UK on a temporary basis to undertake specific business activities. 

You should be able to comply with the general visit visa requirements including demonstrating you do not intend to undertake employment, study, marry or form a civil partnership or receive medical treatment and show the travel can be funded.

It is important that applicants are well prepared and can demonstrate they are genuinely visiting the UK for business purposes.

We can advise whether your proposed business activity complies with the law and assist with the process.

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There is a range of 'permitted activities' available to a Business Visitor which are detailed on our visit visa page and are summarized below:

These are:

  • attend a meeting, conference, seminars or interview
  • give a one or short series of talks provided these are 'one off' events and is not for profit
  • arrange deals, negotiate or sign contracts
  • attend a trade fair for promotional work with the proviso they will not sell to the public
  • conduct a site visit
  • undertake a fact-finding mission for overseas employment
  • undertake briefings for UK customer on the proviso the work is done overseas
  • undertaken remote activities in the UK provided it is not the main purpose of the visit.

The following activities are outlined in more detail on our visit page:

  • intra-corporate activities
  • manufacture and supply of goods to the UK
  • client of UK company secondment, on the proviso the companies are not linked
  • work related training
  • scientists, researchers and academics to undertake related activities
  • legal work/proceedings
  • religious workers
  • sports person and technical staff engagements
  • medical treatment
  • permitted paid engagements of no more than 30 days.


A visitor under this category will be granted permission to stay either for the period requested or for a maximum of 6 months.



Visa nationals must apply for prior entry clearance by submission of an application to a British mission designated to undertake such applications.


Non visa nationals can apply for entry clearance directly at a port on arrival in the UK. They can also make an application for prior entry clearance to the relevant British mission as above.


An application for entry clearance involves submission of an online application form, submission of supporting documentation with payment of a fee.

- Comprehensive legal advice.


- Ensuring your application meets the legal requirements.


- Assistance with compiling the evidence required for this.


- Completion and submission of all forms.


- Booking a biometric appointment.


- Ongoing liaison with the authorities where possible.


To find out more about our Business visitor visa services, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7038 3980, email us at or use our online enquiry form.

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