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British Citizenship

Once granted, British citizenship can only be removed in very limited circumstances. Being British gives you the greatest level of protection over your right of residence in the UK. Whereas indefinite leave to remain can be lost if you stay outside the UK for 2 years, the same rules do not apply to British citizens, you're a British citizen for life no matter how long you travel outside the UK.

If you're settled in the UK and have lived here for the relevant qualifying period, you may wish to apply to become a British citizen. You may also wish to register your children as British citizens. The various routes to British citizenship are discussed in the pages below. The Good Character Requirement is central to all adult applications and those for children over the age of 10. It is essential that you are familiar with this requirement as it is the most common reason for refusal of an application. 

British citizenship applications are complicated and represent a major life event. Read about the process below and contact us if you would like the benefits of our personal and professional experience.

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