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In a welcome move, the Home Office has today extended the window for those whose visas expired from 24 January to remain in the country until 31 July 2020. As stated by Priti Patel, the Home Secretary:


“By extending people’s visas further, we are giving them peace of mind that they are able to stay in the UK until the end of July if they are unable to leave the country safely”


Please refer to our previous post on this issue.  


For those who have already contacted the Home Office and had their visas extended up to 31 May 2020 - no further action is required, as their visa will be automatically extended to 31 July 2020. For those who have not informed the Home Office, an application to extend should be made to a dedicated team at the Home Office. 


Please note the caveat, it applies to those who cannot return to their home country or are self-isolating and individuals are ‘expected’ to return to their home countries once it is safe to do so. 


The announcement also pushes the time frame back to 31 July 2020 for those individuals whose visas expire between 24 January 2020 and 31 July 2020, who want to apply for a long term visa to submit in-country visas applications where they are normally required to return to their home country. However, this is on the condition they otherwise meet the relevant immigration rule, including following the specified procedure, pay the associated visa application fees and includes those whose visas have automatically been extended as referred to above.


We are currently assisting individuals caught up in this scenario and this has brought much needed clarity during these uncertain times.


If you require legal assistance on this or other UK immigration issues please contact us by completing our online form, sending an email to or by telephoning us on +44 207 038 3980 and of our lawyers will respond.