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The removal of medical personnel from the monthly cap on restricted certificates of sponsorship has freed up roughly 40% of the monthly allocation for other roles. Nonetheless, the cap has been met again with some employers being unable to fill skilled roles.


The monthly cap limits the number of non-resident workers that can enter the UK with Tier 2 visas. It does not affect those already in the UK with Tier 2 permission or recent graduates that are switching visa status in the UK from student to Tier 2.


Announcing the removal of medical professionals from the cap, the Home Office announced in June that thousands of certificates would be freed up.


The continuing excess demand to bring in non-EEA professionals is likely to prompt demands from business for further changes.


The fact that the visa cap is being hit month after month shows the folly of a system based on numbers rather than employer demand and the contribution highly skilled workers come to make.


Demand to bring in skilled workers from outside Europe has been growing as the number of people arriving in the UK from other EEA countries hit a 5 year low following the Brexit vote.


Tier 2 restricted certificates of sponsorship are allocated monthly on a points system with the points allocated for salary making the difference when the allocation is over subscribed. The lowest annual salary required for entry to the scheme is £30,000 but with the allocation oversubscribed for 8 months in a row, the current minimum salary required is around £41,000.


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