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On 4 August 2022, the Home Office posted a notice on its website stating the police registration scheme (the “scheme”) has ended. Since the pandemic, the Overseas Visitors Records Office and other police stations have not been able to schedule appointments for months and even years.

The scheme had required individuals who were 16 years old or over from specified countries, a stateless person or a person holding a non-national travel document to register with a relevant police body if they had been granted visa permission for more than 6 months, failure to do so could have led to penalties under the Immigration Act 1971.

The Home Office in the past would not proceed with processing a visa application if this had not been complied with – and in some cases rejected visa applications and is therefore a welcome relief for those who were subject to the requirements of having to register with the police as part of their visa conditions

Curiously, the current Immigration Rules still state there is a requirement for individuals to register – it seems the Home Office have not amended the immigration laws, but one would assume this is to follow shortly.

The movement to electronic processes has removed the need for individuals to register and whether it will return to UK immigration laws remains to be seen.

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