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RLegal Solicitors help family to apply for British citizenship

A family of four wished to apply for British citizenship. Having already been in the UK for six years, they were keen to apply for citizenship at the earliest opportunity. The family were also looking forward to making the most of their summer vacation and had already made plans to travel outside of the UK for the holidays. This left them with only a small window of opportunity in which to submit their applications between the parents completing the qualifying period for naturalisation and the date they were due to fly to their holiday destination.

How RLegal Solicitors helped

We reviewed the key dates for the four applications and prepared a detailed list of historic absences for the both parents and their two children. Having ensured there were no conflicts with the family’s planned travel, we prepared their application forms well in advance and collated all the necessary evidence. Shortly before submitting the applications we took certified copies of the family’s current passports and their ILR biometric residence permits. By submitting certified copies of the family’s travel documents in place of the originals they were able to leave the UK for their holiday while the Home Office processed their applications.


All four applications were approved while the family were still on holiday. As all of the documents were returned to RLegal, we were able to pass on the news and the family were able to arrange an appointment to attend a citizenship ceremony while they were still outside of the UK.


“Really impressed and pleased! This only speaks to your good work in preparing thorough applications for us. Many thanks!” SL