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RLegal Solicitors help a non EEA national to obtain an EEA Family Permit

Our client was a non EEA national whose Spanish wife had just moved to the UK to work and required permission for him to join her here immediately as his resident permit in Spain was about to expire. We compiled an application to demonstrate that she was exercising EEA Treaty Rights as a worker and to show the relationship was genuine. The EEA Family Permit was issued within 3 days of submission.

How RLegal Solicitors helped

Having only just found work our client’s wife had no employment documents. We worked with her employer to obtain evidence of the employment promptly. We also highlighted that the relationship was long standing and was therefore not a sham. The application was then submitted with detailed representations to show how his case met the EEA Regulations.


The application was approved within 3 days and he was able to accompany her to the UK.

Client testimonial

“Just to give you some fantastic news! We are in Spain & earlier today he received his UK visa. Amazingly quick!!!! He only had his appointment on Monday!! Thank you for all your help in this matter. I need your advice for the next stage.” MS